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Creative Core creates inspiring, strategic design for well known brands & small

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What We Do

We live in a visual society and your brand and design are the face of your business. So therefore different is better, different means results. The challenge of graphic design and marketing is to stand out, while fitting in. You don’t want your cosmetics company to look like a mortgage broker. But neither do you want your mortgage broker, or cosmetics company to look like it’s competitors. You want something distinctive, and appropriate. Something that makes a statement, distinguishes your brand and communicates your message. And that’s just what we have been doing for the past 15 years.

We are a multi media design and development company, specializing in website design with integrated custom content management systems, interactive multimedia, corporate identity development, brochures and catalogues, annual reports, booklets, printing services, trade show design and signage, posters, database development, copywriting, translation, multimedia, video, flash, mobile interactive sites and search engine optimization.

Corporate Logo Design


A good logo is critical for a successful business—especially with so many competitive businesses out there. The logo can be the start to a business, a start to success and make some people feel like the are accomplishing a goal. Some people have started a logo even before they started the business, almost a way of sealing the deal. A lot of business want websites these days and a logo is a way of starting of even that process. It is a great initial stage to start from.

A few reasons why a company needs a logo:

1. Great Logos Make Great First Impressions
When people can easily remember your logo, you have a competitive edge.

2. Attract New Customers
Your customers see hundreds of logos a day, by sending the right message to potential customers, your logo helps them choose you over the competition.

A logo can help persuade customers to pick you over competition. It gives a sense of trust.

3. Stand Out from Your Competition
Google your business and you will probably find a ton of competition. You’ll also notice very few logos stand out from the crowd. Differentiating yourself from your competition is critical in winning the battle for customers. You can look bigger and better with a logo!

Original uses of colors, words, shapes, and fonts can set your logo apart from the rest.

4. Keep Loyal Customers
A great logo convinces high-end customers who look for a loyal, long-term relationship to choose you over the next company who might look not as professional.

5 To brand yourself
This is the first stage of any branding process. If you are a consultant, you need a logo in order to build an image and a brand that is greater than your individual identity.

6. Earn Trust with Professionalism
What convinces people to choose one business over the other? Often it’s the presentation of professionalism of the business.

Mobile Device Design (mobi sites)

Advertising on your mobile device provides you with targeted access to mobile users. Research shows that mobile campaigns outperform online campaigns across key metrics.

If you already have an existing online website you need to make sure your site will display well on your mobile! It is easy to get started. Creative Core can help you understand what is important to display on your mobi site. We can then develop and design your mobile online presence or modify an existing web site into something that will perform well on mobile devices.

Website Design

Creative Core specializes in professional design, development and support for all kinds of websites. Ranging from simple, corporate or promo-sites up to sophisticated, Intranet/Extranet systems with databases and remote on-line administration options.

Let us provide you with:

  • web design (and mobi design)
  • interactive multimedia solutions
  • administrative options (content management systems)
  • internet project management and support

We divide responsibilities and assign separate specialists to each direction. Our team is capable of transforming your goals and materials into the high quality product you need. Typical construction includes:

  • consultation
  • quote
  • design wireframe
  • approval
  • structure and interface development
  • usability testing
  • design & multimedia progression
  • ongoing development
  • testing
  • corrections
  • approval
  • social media connections
  • search engine optimization
  • ongoing support

Creative graphic design for web is the key point of our design studio. We pay considerable attention to design and usability when creating web sites. Your website represents your company on the Internet and we want to make sure you have a return on your investment. We try to create truly individual work without missing the smallest detail.


Social Media Marketing

We can help your business to leverage social media marketing in order to grow your business. Engage and manage your brand reputation online on consumers favorite and most visited social networking websites such as Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

We help you engage your customers by:

  • Developing a social media marketing strategy
  • Maintaining your brand all across the social media platforms
  • Running creative campaigns to to attract and convert your fans or followers

Reaching your audience using social media platforms is easier than you might think. All you need is a social media strategy to meet your marketing needs. Every business is different in terms of engaging with their current and potential customers. On social media platforms like FaceBook and Twitter everything your customers talk about  is public and it is your responsibility to manage the brand reputation online, whether it is positive or negative. Positive customers engage others wanting information and can spread their own promotion of your business. Negative customers can be addressed, informed properly and turn into happy customers.


Creative Core specializes in the following printing services:

  • booklets
  • brochures
  • catalogs
  • newsletters
  • business cards
  • letterhead
  • stationary
  • postcards
  • flyers
  • posters
  • mailers

Ok you get the point we do print stuff, anything and everything.

Search Engine Registration

It is imperative that websites are advertised correctly and registered with search engines. Creative Core specializes in search engine placement and can help you with getting your site actually seen on the web! It will give you that advantage over your competitors! Whether it is an existing site or one that is currently in the works, this is something that you need to learn about and look into.

Video Production

Creative Core would like to welcome to its team a video and film specialist!

From company promo videos to commerials and corporate events, our video team can produce, edit and modify your special event!

Script Writing

Our video team can also write, modify and produce scripts for any video event you might need.

Let us contact you with more information on this specialized portion of film, editing and writing that Creative Core is proud to present!

Customer Service

Providing the best customer service and support is always our first priority in anything we offer.